Business Services

Patient Financial Services

In a time when you need assistance and compassion the most, our Business Services Department is available to provide information and some comfort when it comes to payment options for our patients. Communicating your needs is the most important step you can take to avoid having a delinquent account. You may even qualify for options you weren't aware were available.

At Northern Montana Hospital, we recognize that medical expenses are often large, unplanned and create stress at a time when your primary concern is getting well. It is our goal to help you heal and provide you with the information that you need. Patients, guardians and parents of patients have the right to a full explanation of charges for hospital services.

Please call our Business Services Office at 406.262.1264

MASH is a company working with hospitals to provide eligibility services to their patients. The MASH Program is a free service provided to you by Northern Montana Hospital. You may call 406.751.6918 to discuss your eligibility for public benefit programs. MASH will also be happy to answer any additional questions you may have about your particular needs. All information acquired by the MASH Program will be kept private and confidential under Federal HIPAA regulations. For more information visit: or call Northern Montana Hospital Business Office at 406.262.1264.