May 18, 2012Donation to chapel fills a mother's wishes

Rob Jones Plumbing donates money to Chapel

Pictured L to R: Ila McClenahan, Tom Jones, Rob Jones, Robby Jones, Christen Obresley, and Lori Henderson, Northern Montana Care Center Administrator.

Donation to chapel fills a mother's wishes

Fulfilling a loved one's wishes beyond their passing is often a difficult task. But Rob Jones and his family were blessed with the opportunity to do just that as contractors on the Grace Chapel remodel at the Northern Montana Care Center last year.

Rob moved his mother, Cheryl J. Frederick, from San Diego, California to the Care Center in 2010. She first called the Assisted Living wing home, eventually moving to long-term care. The care she received was excellent, but according to Rob, Cheryl always thought something was missing at the Care Center.

"One of the things that bothered her was that there wasn't a dedicated chapel," Rob said. Church services were held in the dining room but there was no designated place for meditation and worship.

Cheryl passed away just over a year ago. Before she died, Rob spoke with his mother about the Space for Grace project through the Northern Montana Health Care Foundation. The Greater Havre Ministerial Association along with the Foundation were raising money to remodel part of the Care Center into a Chapel.

"She was happy to hear about it and we told her that we would be donating some of our time to the project," Rob said.

Rob, along with his two sons Robby and Tom, worked on the Chapel remodel last year before it was officially opened and dedicated in September. When the time came to send the invoice for materials and labor, the Jones Plumbing and Heating Inc. invoice was stamped "PAID" at the top.

Rob said the decision was easy.

"We decided as a family that we wanted to do that in honor of her," Rob said of the $11,130 in materials and labor that was donated to the Grace Chapel project. "To mom, it would have been a very big deal because she knew the residents would use it."

It was both a blessing and a surprise for Christen Obresley, Executive Director of the Northern Montana Health Care Foundation.

"I am amazed by this community on a daily basis," Obresley said. "It's the generosity of people like Rob that allows us to continue to serve the Hi-Line with quality health care."

Ila McClenahan, Pastoral Care and Activities Director at the Care Center, saw the donation as an extension of the blessings the Chapel has brought to the Care Center.

"There was so much love and commitment that came along with this project," McClenahan said. "Cheryl was a special person and it is so very appropriate that a donation to Grace Chapel was made in her name. Her family is truly honoring her with this donation."

For Rob, his wife Renee and their two sons, it was gratifying to grant Cheryl's wishes through a donation that will serve the Care Center and its residents for decades to come.

"It means a lot to me because the people at the Care Center took great care of my mother," Rob said. "And I know that it would make her happy to know that the spiritual needs of the residents are being met."


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