Beautiful Star Quilts

Dialysis Unit Nurses were honored in a Quilt Ceremony for their compassionate care of former dialysis unit patient Charles Jack Plumage.

Colorful quilts, pieced in the shape of 8-pointed stars, were lovingly hand stitched, and are symbolic in Assiniboine Culture of high honors. Charles Jack Plumage, a former dialysis patient at Northern Montana Hospital, chose to honor registered nurses Doug Braun, Alayne Bickford, and Tina Anderson for the wonderful care he received at the hospital two years ago as a dialysis patient. Mr. Plumage has since had a successful kidney transplant.

"This is an honoring and thanksgiving ceremony," said Gerald Stiffarm, who presided over the ceremony, teaching those present about the ways of his ancestors.

Mr. Stiffarm explained the significance of the 8 pointed star on the quilts which were hand made for this occasion by Gloria Blackcrow of Hays, Mont. Dominic Messerly and Chris Plumage wrote a special song they sang in their native tongue while beating hand drums.

"When someone has done something really important," said Mr. Plumage, "the Star Quilt Ceremony is a way we honor and thank them."

Jodi Korb, RN is the Director of the Dialysis Unit. 406.262.1476